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Process Management

ERP systems serve as an information bank for the companies. Interdepartmental, simultaneous data flow ... Read More


ERP systems work integrated with the departments. So, every departmants’ every process will be... Read More


If a company is growing, its biggest problem is control. Due to lack of control mechanism, performance will... Read More

Decision Making Process

Managers should be able to access any information they wish for healthy decision making. Speed of right... Read More

Customer Satisfaction

ERP systems are number one supporter of customer oriented companies. Every single purpose that ERP... Read More

Cost Management

ERP systems reduce companies’ overall costs. Synchronized information sharing technology... Read More

About Vinyax

Vinyax Platform has been developed for the functional needs of companies, It is a business solution that can be integrated with ERP and located in cloud servers.
E-Reconciliation(EMT), Problem Notification Environment (SBO), Occupational Health and Safety (ISG) ... Read More

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What Is The Meaning Of ERP ?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a branch of integrated system designs. It had been used for only a few, large companies, but today,
it has been started to be used by a lot of small companies to. ERP’s “being able to simultaneously distribute the needed data to... Read More